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July Holidays and Events


Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. This year Ramadan began on June 18th and ends on July 17. During Ramadan, Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. Ramadan is a time of contemplation worship for Muslims. It's also a time to think about the less fortunate, study the Quran do good deeds, and develop self-control.
Ramadan on the Net
The History of Ramadan video
How Ramadan Works

American Independence

On July 4, 1776, the members of the Continental Congress signed the Declaration of Independence. This act formally announced to the world that the United States of America was now a free and independent country. From that day forward, the 4th of July has been a day of celebration in America. Learn more about July 4th and the Declaration of Independence below.
Independence Day on the Net

National Archives - Read the complete text of the Declaration
Eyewitness to History: Thomas Jefferson writes the Declaration of Independence
Celebrate America - The Fourth of July

First Women's Rights Convention

On July 19, 1848, the first Women's Rights Convention was held in Seneca Falls, New York. Led by Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott this convention laid the groundwork for the women's rights movement and women getting the right to vote. Learn more below.
The Seneca Falls Convention
Seneca Falls from the Library of Congress
The Declaration of Sentiments

First Moon Walk

On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong stepped on to the surface of the moon. It was one of the most incredible events in human history. Learn more about the landing and the entire Apollo 11 Mission below.
The Moon Landing
“The Eagle has Landed”
On this Day, July 20, 1969 – New York Times
Remembering Apollo 11 – The Big Picture

World War I Begins

On July 28, 1914, World War I began when Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated. The "war to end all wars" cost thousands of lives and millions of dollars. The same nations fought over the same land some thirty years later in World War II. Unfortunately, history does sometimes repeat itself.
New York Times on this date
The Causes of World War I
Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand
Trenches on the Web


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