Important People from the Renaissance, Reformation, Age of Discovery, and the Enlightenment

Your project is to research some of the famous people from the Renaissance, Reformation, the Age of Discovery, and the Englightenment. You will need to write a short paragraph that includes the following information on each person listed, in your own words. Please do not simply copy and paste text from the Internet.

These are the 20 people you will need to research. You may use the links provided or find your own.

1. William Shakespeare
2. Leonardo da Vinci
3. Michelangelo
4. Johann Gutenberg
5. Martin Luther
6. John Calvin
7. Galileo
8. Christopher Columbus
9. Ferdinand Magellan
10. Isaac Newton

11. Prince Henry the Navigator
12. King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella
13. Henry VIII
14. Queen Elizabeth I
15. Francisco Pizarro
16. Hernando Cortes
17. Jean Jacques Rousseau
18. Voltaire
19. John Locke
20. Nicolaus Copernicus

Your project will be done using Microsoft Word. Please use a font size no larger than 14.

To find your images, use Google Images.

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