The Abolition Movement
Pages 440-443
Answer the questions in your own paper using complete sentences.

1. What was abolition?
2. What year did most Northern states outlaw slavery?
3. What did Congress do in 1807?
4. Why do you think the South had not abolished slavery?
5. What was the name of William Lloyd Garrison’s newspaper?
6. How would the Grimke sisters’ background help them as abolitionist speakers?
7. How did John Quincy Adams engage in civil disobedience?
8. Why did Frederick Douglass publish his autobiography?
9. How did Frederick Douglass learn how to read? (Look in the side bar)
10. What was Sojourner Truth’s life work?
11. What was the Underground Railroad?
12. Most of the Underground Railroad routes led to Canada. Why do you think that was?
13. Why was life not easy for African Americans in the North?
14. What were the places called where slaves hid?
15. What were the people called who led the runaway slaves?
16. Who was the most famous person on the Underground Railroad?
17. How many trips did Tubman take to free enslaved persons?
18. Why did Tubman never lose a passenger?
19. Why were Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton upset about the World Anti-Slavery Convention?
20. What rights did women in the 1800’s not enjoy?