Africa Cyberhunt

Click on the blue links to find the answers to the questions. Answer the questions using complete sentences on your own paper.

1. When did Ghana exist?
2. What rivers did Ghana exist between?
3. Why were the rivers important?
4. How did Ghana get wealthy?
5. What were the two most important items traded in Ghana?
6. What religion did many people in Ghana become? Why?

Gold for Salt
7. What was gold made into in Ghana?
8. How did Ghana grow rich trading gold for salt?
9. How did the king of Ghana make his kingdom rich?
10. Describe silent barter?

Ancient Africa
11. What is a griot?
12. What did the griot often memorize?

13. What was the first empire in Mali?
14. What was the famous trading city in Mali?
15. What empire did Mali fall to?
16. What religion are most people in Mali today?
17. What is the official language of Mali?

Mansa Musa
18. Where did Mansa Musa make a pilgrimage to in 1324?
19. Why did he go on this pilgrimage?
20. What did Mansa Musa carry a lot of on his journey?

21. What was Timbuktu known for?
22. What type of city did Timbuktu develop into?
23. What did Mansa Musa build in Timbuktu?
24. How was Timbuktu destroyed?

The Empires of Ghana and Mali
25. What does it mean that the Berber's were a nomadic people?
26. Why was Ghana in a good location?
27. What was the name of the capital of Ghana?
28. What did the capital quickly become?
29. What was trans-Saharan trade?
30. How did Ghana grow rich?
31. What empire grew out of Ghana's demise?
32. Who was Mali's first king and what does his name mean?
33. Who was Mali's greatest king?
34. Why was Timbuktu important?
35. How did Mansa Musa get famous?
36. Why did Mali collapse?

Ibn Battuta: The Greatest Traveler in the Middle Ages
37. What year did Ibn Battuta leave on his journey?
38. How many miles did he cover?
39. When was Ibn Battuta born?
40. Why did Ibn Battuta leave home at 21?
41. When did Ibn Battuta finally reach Mecca?
42. Read through the rest of the story and list all the places Ibn Battuta visited.