Summary Practice

Directions: Summarize the following reading. Remember, when you summarize, you take the most important ideas from a reading passage and restate them using fewer words. Try practicing this skill using the reading passage below. As you read, underline key terms or important ideas.

Clever Jackal Gets Away
(A Traditional African Story)

One day long ago, Jackal was running through a narrow, rocky pass. Suddenly he was aware of a movement ahead of him in the pass. "Oh, no," Jackal moaned and stopped in his tracks. Lion was coming toward him. Realizing that Lion was too close for him to escape, Jackal was filled with fear, but he thought of a plan.

Crouching down on the cliff path, he looked at the rocks above. "Help! Help!" he cried. Lion stopped short in surprise. "Oh, great Lion! Help! See those great rocks above us? They are about to fall! We shall both be crushed to death! Oh, mighty Lion, do something! Save us!" Jackal crouched even lower, his paws covering his head.

Lion looked up, most alarmed. Before he even had a chance to think, Jackal was begging him to use his strength to hold up the rocks. So Lion put his strong shoulder to the rocks and pushed. "Oh, thank you, great Lion!" cried Jackal. "I will quickly bring that log over there to put under the rock, and we will both be saved!" With that Jackal ran out of sight. Lion was left all alone to struggle under the weight of the unmoving rock. How long he remained there before he realized that it was a trick, we will never know.

Key Terms in Reading
(One term has been provided; add other key terms from the passage.)
• Jackal

Imagine you are sending a text message to your best friend and each word in the message costs 10¢. You have $1.80 to spend.
Write a one sentence text message that summarizes the story, using as many key terms as you can.