The Age of Exploration
Pages 511-517
Answer the questions on your own paper using complete sentences.

1.Why did European merchants want to find a sea route to Asia?
2.What country established the first trade route with Asia?
3.How did Prince Henry show he was a strong supporter of exploration?
4.What did Prince Henry sponsor?
5.What did Prince Henry become known as?
6.What was a caravel?
7.What was an astrolabe and how did it help sailors?
8. Looking at the map on page 512, how did Portuguese sailors get to Asia between 1418 and 1498?
9.What did Bartolomeu Dias accomplish?
10.To where did Vasco da Gama sail?
11.Why did Columbus think sailing west to Asia was better?
12.What did he miscalculate?
13.Whom did Columbus convince to sponsor his voyage?
14.How many ships did and men did Columbus have?
15.What year did Columbus go on his voyage?
16.Why did the men on Columbus’ ships grow restless?
17.Why did Columbus call the people he met Indians?
18.Where did he actually land?
19.How many voyages in all did Columbus make for Ferdinand and Isabella?
20.What did Columbus believe until his dying day?
21.What was Magellan’s goal?
22.Through which oceans did Magellan sail? (Look at the map)
23.Why did Magellan not complete the voyage?
24.What was Magellan’s crew the first to do?
25.What was the main goal of all Spanish explorations?
26.What Spaniard conquistador conquered the Aztec?
27.What Spaniard conquered the Inca?
28.What did Hernando de Soto explore?
29.What was the Northwest Passage? Did it exist?
30.Who was America named after?