Americas Chapter Walk
Answer the questions on your own paper using complete sentences.

Timeline pages 362 and 363
1. When did the classical Maya period begin?
2. When did the Maya classical period end?
3. What dynasty came to power in China during the time the Maya existed on the Americas?

Picture page 364
4. How far was the hoop on the ball court above the ground?
5. What does the game remind you of?

Chart page 369
6. At what elevation does corn grow?
7. What grows at 1,000 feet?

Chart page 370
8. What does agriculture lead to?
9. What needs to happen before populations can grow?
10. What leads to the growth of cities?

Map page 382
11. In which areas were most of the later Mayan cities built?
12. Which bodies of water surround the Maya land?

Picture page 383
13. What did the Maya decorate their walls of buildings with?

The Mayan Legacy pages 388-389
14. What was the most important staple food of the Maya?
15. What was the goal of the Mayan ball game?
16. How did the Maya eat their chocolate?

Map and Timeline page 393
17. Where were the Aztecs from?
18. Where were the Inca from?
19. What year did the Aztecs build their capital city?
20. Who conquered the Aztecs?
21. Who conquered the Incas?

Picture page 401
22. What were Aztec codices?

Picture page 407
23. What was the name of the Aztec god of war?

Picture page 409
24. In what mountains did the Inca build their empire?

Map page 411
25. What physical feature stopped the east-west expansion of the Inca empire?