Life on the Arabian Peninsula
Pages 81-89
Answer the questions using complete sentences in your notebook.

Map page 81
1. Where is Mecca?
2. What bodies of water surround Arabia?
3. What rivers do you find in Arabia?

Timeline page 81
4. What year did Muhammad start to spread Islam?
5. What happened to the year 630?

Picture page 82
6. What do you know about the land of Arabia by looking at the picture?
Picture page 85
7. What covers most of the Arabian Peninsula?

Page 86
8. What is a nomad?
9. What is an oasis?
10. Why would an oasis be important to people who live in the desert?

Map on Page 87
11. What was traded in Aden?

Page 88
12. What is monotheism?
13. Where do many Muslims make a pilgrimage to each year?

Page 89
14. What is a pilgrimage?
15. What other places of pilgrimage can you think of?