Life in the Army
Questions pages 488-491
Answer the questions using complete sentences on your own paper.

One Americans Story
1. Why do you think the author of the book put this section at the beginning of the chapter?
2. What do you think the rest of the chapter is going to be about?

Those who Fought
3. Why do you think there were soldiers so old and so young that fought in the war?
4. Why do you think it too so long for African Americans to be allowed to fight?
5. List the reasons why men fought in the war.
6. For what reasons would you would fight in a war?

Drill Sessions
7. Why do you think the troops spent so much time drilling?

Strange But True - Deadlier than Bullets
8. Why did more men die from disease than by bullets?
9. How do you think the men felt about their living conditions?

Hardships of Army Life
10. What changes could have helped lower the spread of disease among soldiers?

Changes in Military Technology
11. Why did the rifle and minie ball lead to more deaths in the Civil War?

12.Why would an ironclad have advantages over wooden ships?
13. Based on what you know about Civil War weapons, how have weapons today been improved from that time?