The Aztecs
Pages 397-402
Answer the questions on your own paper using complete sentences.

1. Where did the Aztecs live?
2. What year did the Aztecs settle in their new home?
3. What was the name of the Aztec city? What city is there now?
4. What were the lands around the Aztec city like?
5. What did the Aztec construct ?
6. What did the chinampas enable the Aztec to do?
7. How many people may have lived in Tenonchtitlan?
8. By the 1500’s, how many people lived in the Valley of Mexico?
9. What did the Aztec demand of the people the conquered?
10. What were the three main classes in Aztec society?
11. Who was at the top of Aztec society?
12. Who ran the government?
13. What groups made up the intermediate class?
14. Who made up the third class?
15. Who was at the bottom of Aztec society?
16. What did most men and women do?
17. What dominated Aztec life?
18. How many gods did the Aztec have?
19. What did priests use to set times for the religious ceremonies?
20. What was a sacred duty to the Aztecs?
21. Why did territory have to be conquered?
22. Who became emperor in 1500?

23. Why did the people hate the new king?
24. Who arrived in the Aztec empire in 1519?
25. What was brought by the Europeans that weakened the Aztecs?
26. What other advantages did the invaders have?
27. What year was Tenochtitlan conquered?
28. What did the Aztec build in their cities?
29. Describe the Aztec system of writing.
30. What did the Aztec study to predict planting and harvesting times?
31. What were the two Aztec calendars used for?