The Story of the Aztecs

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The Early Aztecs - You will need to click on the pictures to find the information.
1. Where did the Aztecs come from?
2. Who was their chief?
3. Why did they build their city in the middle of the swamp?
4. Who was the first Emperor of the Aztecs?
5. How did the Aztecs thank their god for helping them find a place to settle?

The Aztec Gods
6. What was the name of the main god of the Aztecs?
7. Who did Tezcatlipoca protect?

8. What does his name mean?
9. What was Quetzacoatl a symbol of?
10. What did Quetzacoatl look like?

11. What was Tlaloc the god of?
12. Why was Talloc greatly feared?

13. What does his name mean?
14. Why did the Aztec sacrifice people?

15. What is the symbol of Tenochtitlan?

The Templo Mayor
16. What did the priests look like?
17. Would they have let YOU learn at the School of Priests? Why or why not.
18. In what ways was the BALLGAME different than Soccer?

Everyday life
19. What were Chinampas?
20. What might you see on a Chinampa?
21. How would you go about cooking tlaxcallis?
22. How did the Aztecs make their clothes?
23. What was burned in the house of a person who was sick?
24. What would the Aztecs do I a person has a sore spot on their body?
25. What kind of meat did the Aztecs eat?

Looking at some archaeological evidence
26. How many days was the Aztec solar calendar?
27. How much did the sun god calendar weigh?
28. Click on the center of the calendar. What does the center of the calendar represent?
29. Click anywhere else on the stone and explain what the section represents.

Written Evidence
30. What kind of writing did the Aztecs have?

31. How did Cortes defeat the Aztecs
32. What disease did many Aztec die from?