The Rise of Big Business
Pages 594-599
Answer the questions on your own paper using complete sentences.

1.What was a robber baron?
2.What is a corporation?
3.How do corporations make money?
4.What two industries had giant corporations in the 1800’s?
5.What industry to John D. Rockefeller lead?
6.What industry did Andrew Carnegie lead?
7.How did Rockefeller decide the best way to make money was?
8.What is a monopoly?
9.What was the name of Rockefeller’s trust?
10.Why was Rockefeller’s trust an example of a monopoly?
11.What did Rockefeller do with his money? (Read History Makers)
12.How did Carnegie try to beat his competition?
13.How did the methods that Rockefeller and Carnegie used to make money differ?
14.What is a philanthropist?
15.Why were Carnegie and Rockefeller good examples of philanthropists?
16.Why did the South have less industry than the North?
17.What did most of the South remain?
18.What advantages did the Midwest have that helped it become highly industrialized?
19.How did the development of railroads add to eh Midwest’s advantages?
20. Chicago was a big meatpacking center. Why do you think that industry chose to locate there? (Look at the map)