The Black Death
Answer the questions on your own paper using complete sentences.

1.What years did the Black Death occur?
2.What was the culprit? (Culprit means the cause)
3.How much of Europe was killed by the Black Death?

Oriental Rat Flea
4.How can fleas spread disease to humans?
5.Click on Transmission and copy the chart on your paper.
6.How were the bubonic and septicemic plague transmitted?

7. How was the plague transmitted?

The Black Death
8.What were the three forms of the Black Death?
9.What was the most common form of the Black Death?
10.What were the symptoms of the bubonic plague?
11.What was the mortality (death) rate of the pneumonic plague?
12.What would be the mortality rate if treated today?
13.Why do you think the mortality rate would be so much less today?
14.What were the symptoms of the pneumonic plague?
15.What was the mortality rate of the septicemic plague?
16.Why does the Black Death get its name from the septicemic plague?

Path of the Plague
17.Why did the plague spread to other cities?
18.Where is it believed the plague originated? (started)
19.What routes did the plague travel on?

20. Read one of the quotes and summarize it.

21.What effects did the plague have on the economy of Europe?

Click on the Church
22.Why did the church suffer from the plague?

Effect on Europe
23.How many people had died by 135 24. Scroll down to Children. What is a common nursery rhyme of the time?
25.Describe what the nursery rhyme means?
26. Scroll down to Effect over Time. How many years did it take for Europe to regain the population it lost from the Black Death?

The Bubonic Plague
27. How did the Bubonic Plague get to Europe?
28. Why were Europeans so susceptible to disease?
29. What were the symptoms of someone who had the plague?

The Black Death: Bubonic Plague
30. How many people died from the Bubonic Plague in Europe?