The Spread of Buddhism in China

Students will be able to explain how and/or why Buddhism spread in China.

Writing Task:
Buddhism spread in China during the Tang Dynasty for many reasons. In a well organized response, answer the following question:
What caused Buddhism to spread in China during the Tang Dynasty? Write a response focusing on two of the following reasons: religious reasons, political reasons, economic reasons, or social reasons.

Choose two of the categories of reasons from Document 3, The Spread of Buddhism in Tang China, to write about. Identify the key details you will use. Make sure you are putting the information in your own words.

Use the Student Handout 3 Brainstorming Chart to plan your paragraph. When you are writing, use the criteria checklist below to ensure you have completed all aspects of the writing task.

Criteria Checklist


  • Topic sentence includes two specific reasons (categories) related to the spread of Buddhism in China.
  • The paragraph includes two specific details about why Buddhism spread.
  • The paragraph contains specific explanations of the details.
  • The concluding sentence has information on the two specific reasons (categories) found in the topic sentence.


  • The paragraph contains a well thought out topic sentence.
  • Details and facts support the topic sentence.
  • Explanations are clear.
  • Concluding sentence finishes the overall thought of the paragraph.
  • Paragraph is indented.
  • Handwriting is neat.