China Cyberhunt

In this cyberhunt, you will be researching the culture of China. You will be answering questions from selected web sites using complete sentences on your own paper.

Discovery of Tea
1. For how many years have the Chinese been drinking tea?
2. How was tea first used in China?
3. In what dynasty did drinking tea become popular?

Chinese Inventions
4. What year was the new invention of paper presented to the emperor?
5. What did the Chinese use to make paper?
6. When did the Chinese invent moveable type?
7. How many characters does the Chinese have in it?
8. When did the Chinese invent gun powder?
9. What did the Chinese use to make gun powder?
10. What weapons did the Chinese use gun powder for?
11. When were the first magnetic compasses used by Chinese ships?

The Tang Dynasty
12. What year did the golden age of the Tang Dynasty begin?
13. How could a poor person in the Tang Dynasty get a job working for the government?
14. How many people lived in the capital of the Tang?
15. How did Buddhism get to China?
16. What were the Three Doctrines of the Tang Dynasty?

The Song Dynasty
17. What is the period of the Song Dynasty sometimes referred to as?
18. Who visited China during the Song Dynasty?
19. When did the Song Dynasty rule China?
20. What was the Song Dynasty the first government to do?

21. What does Confucianism stress?
22. What is Confucianism?
23. What is a social code of behavior?
24. What did the social code of Confucianism honor?

25. What did Siddhartha want to understand?
26. What does "the Buddha" mean?
27. Why do Buddhists look within themselves?
28. What is karma?
29. How many Buddhists are there in the world today?

The Four Noble Truths
30. Describe the Four Noble Truths in your own words.

The Great Wall of China
31. When was the Great Wall of China built?
32. What was the purpose of the Great Wall?
33. How long is the Great Wall?
34. About how many men died working on the wall?
35. What happened to the peasants who died while working on the wall? (You'll have to scroll down a bit to find this one.)

Genghis Khan
36. What other names has Genghis Khan been called?
37. What empire did Genghis Khan establish?

Kublai Khan
38. Why was Kublai Khan different than other Chinese rulers?
39. Who was Kublai Khan related to?
40. What famous explorer did Kublai Khan know?

Marco Polo
41. When was Marco Polo born and when did he die?
42. How long did Marco Polo spend in Asia?
43. In what city did Marco meet Kublai Khan at?

Scroll down to Years Serviced in Khan's Court.
44. What skill did Marco have that made him valuable to Kublai Khan?

Scroll down to Coming Home.
45. For how many years did the Polo brothers serve Kublai Khan?
46. How long did the sea journey home take?
47. Where was Marco when he wrote the story of his travels in Asia?
48. What was the book called?
49. Why do you think people did not believe Marco?
50. What did Marco say on his deathbed?

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