Civilization of China Chapter Walk
Each question on this worksheet is based on a graphic (picture, map or chart) from the book.
Use those pictures to answer the questions in complete sentences on your own paper. Make sure to read any
captions (small pieces of information on or near a picture) to help you answer.

Picture pages 206 and 207
1. Why was the Great Wall of China built?
2. How did the Chinese warn of a Mongol attack?
3. Where was the Great Wall built to make it more difficult to overcome?
4. What did the Chinese use to make rockets?

Map page 209
5. What mountain range is between China and India?

Timeline pages 208 and 209
6. When did Buddhism spread to Korea?
7. What year did the Tang Dynasty begin?
8. What year did the Song Dynasty begin?
9. How many years does the timeline cover?

Picture page 213
10. Why were the Himalaya’s a benefit to China?

Picture page 214
11. Why do you think statues of the Buddha almost always show him sitting?

Map page 215
12. What year did Buddhism begin around?
13. Where did Buddhism begin?
14. What year did Buddhism spread to China?
15. How did Buddhism spread to Korea?
16. How did Buddhism spread to Japan?

Picture page 216
17. Why was the Great Wall rebuilt?

Map page 217
18. Why is Yangzhou’s location important?
19. Which dynasty controlled more land, the Sui or the Tang?

Secondary Source page 221
20. Why did Buddhism become widely practiced in China?