Role of the Catholic Church
Pages 321-325
Answer the questions on your own paper using complete sentences.

1. Define clergy.
2. What is a cathedral? (picture page 321)
3. Copy and label the chart on page 322. You do not need to draw the pictures.
4. How did local church leaders help run kingdoms?
5. How did the Church get wealthy?
6. Who was the wealthiest and most powerful person in Europe?
7. How did Henry VI gain political power?
8. How did monarchs rely on Church officials to run their kingdom?
9. What decision did Pope Gregory VII make that made Emperor Henry IV angry?
10. What did Henry do?
11. How did the pope respond?
12. What did Henry do to seek forgiveness?
13. What is a religious order?
14. Who founded the Franciscan order?
15. What did he call on his followers to live without?
16. What did Catholic schools expand into?
17. What did the Church work to preserve?
18. What did Thomas Aquinas argued could exist in harmony?

The Crusades

Pages 327-331
Answer the questions using complete sentences in your notebook.

19. What were the Crusades?
20. Why did European Christians begin the Crusades?
21. When did the First Crusade begin?
22. What were the crusaders going to attack?
23. Why was Saladin important during the Crusades?
24. How many Crusades were there?
25. What were the effects of the Crusades?
26. What was the Inquisition?
27. Who were the Spanish King and Queen during the Inquisition?
28. What was the purpose of the Inquisition?
29. What two groups of people did the Inquisition target?
30. What happened in 1492?