War Erupts
Questions pages 481-485
Answer the questions using complete sentences on your own paper.

  1. What event began on April 12, 1861?
  2. What did President Lincoln ask the Union states to provide?
  3. Why was Virginia important to a Confederacy victory?
  4. What city became the capital of the Confederacy?
  5. Who became commanding general of the Confederate army?
  6. Why did Lee resign from the U.S. Army and join the Confederacy?
  7. Why would having Lee on their side help the Confederacy?
  8. Why was it important to the Union that Maryland not secede?
  9. How far was Richmond from Washington D.C.?
  10. Where was the first battle of the war fought?
  11. What was Maryland important to both sides?
  12. How many states joined the Confederacy and the Union?
  13. Describe all the reasons why the North had an advantage over the South?
  14. What was the North’s most important advantage?
  15. What advantages did the South have over the North?
  16. Looking at the chart, which side had more resources?
  17. How might the North’s railways and factories help its armies?
  18. What did the South want at the beginning of the war?
  19. What product was king in the South? Why was it important?
  20. What was the name of the plan used by the North at the beginning of the war? How did it get its name?
  21. What did the plan call for?
  22. Why did the Union want to control the Mississippi River?
  23. What side won the First Battle of Bull Run?
  24. What did the North realize after the battle?
  25. What action did Lincoln take?