The Original 13 Colonies

Directions - Select two of the thirteen original colonies to investigate found below. The questions you need to answer are under the colony chart. Use complete sentences for your answers. The answers to the questions can be found in the links that follow.

MassachusettsNew JerseyNew HampshireRhode Island
ConnecticutPennsylvaniaDelawareNorth Carolina
MarylandSouth CarolinaGeorgiaVirginia
New York





1. Who was the founder of the colony? (Who began the colony?)

2. What date was the colony founded?

3. What is the origin of the colonies name? (Where did the name come from?)

13 Colonies
Founding the American Colonies
Clickable Map of the 13 Colonies

13 Colonies Chart
4. Why was the colony founded or begun?
Social Studies for Kids
The 13 Colonies
Religion in the colonies
Life in the 13 Colonies

5. What products were produced by the colony?

6. What were the major industries of the colony?
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Colonial Webpage

7. Five other important facts about your colony.
13 Originals
Beliefs in the Colonies
The Colonial Period

Thirteen Colonies

When you finish with your two colonies, go on to do another for extra credit.