The Confederation Era

Directions - Copy the 6 terms below on your own paper. Click on the link to find out what the word means, and copy the definition.

1. republic
2. Articles of Confederation
3. Land Ordinance of 1785
4. Northwest Territory
5. Northwest Ordinance of 1787
6. Shays' Rebellion

Ben's Guide to the Articles of Confederation
Click on the link above to find the answers to the following questions. Write complete sentences for your answers.

7. Why were the Articles of Confederation written?
8. What were the three main points of the document?
9. What were taxes in the Articles based on?

10. How many states had to approve amendments to the Articles? Why would this be a problem?
11. What could Congress do under the Articles?
12. What powers did Congress not have under the Articles? Why would this be a problem?
13. Why could problems in the Articles not get fixed? Why would this be a problem?
14. What did people begin to realize about Articles?
15. Why do you think the Articles created such a weak national government?