The Constitutional Convention

Choose any two activities to complete.

1. Create a color chart comparing the Virginia plan and the New Jersey Plan. 10 pts.

2. Read the chapter from pages 228-233 and explain all the illustrations or pictures in a paragraph. 10 pts.

3. Make a color poster explaining the "Great Compromise". 10 pts.

4. Identify the groups not represented at the convention, and in a paragraph identify the issues they might have brought up. 10 pts.

5. Write the dialog to the debates on the plans mentioned in the chapter. 10 pts.

6. Make flash cards using the following words and thier relationship to the Constitutional Convention.
Articles of Confederation, Shays' Rebellion, Constitutional Convention, James Madison, George Washington, Virginia Plan, New Jersey Plan, Great Compromise, Three-Fifths Compromise. 10 pts.

7. Create a poster showing how the Constitution counted slaves. 10 pts.