Revolution and Constitution Document-based Questions

Number a piece of paper 1-22. Write the correct letter for each question. For questions 23-25, answer using a complete sentence.

1. In this cartoon, what is Benjamin Franklin trying to tell the American colonies?
a. The only way to win the war against England is to fight together.
b. Only the New England colonies will succeed in the war against the French.
c. The only way for the colonies to survive is to surrender to the French.
d. The South is the key to defending the colonies from France.


Study the map on the left to answer the next three questions.

2. Which group suffered about 10,000 total deaths in the
a. British
b. Hessians
c. Americans
d. French

3. How many Americans died in British prisons?
a. 2,000
b. 5,350
c. 8,500
d. 25,000

4. Approximately how many Hessians died in the war?
a. 10,000
b. 7,500
c. 2,000
d. 1,500


5. Looking at the map on the left, what was the date of the Battle of the Capes?
a. July 4, 1781
b. December 25, 1781
c. September 5, 1781
d. October 31, 1781

6. What was the southern most colony that Cornwallis marched
a. Georgia
b. North Carolina
c. Florida
d. Louisiana

7. On which date did the battle at Yorktown take place?
a. June 26, 1781
b. April 1, 1781
c. February 4, 1781
d. October 19, 1781

8. Which was the farthest state north the British troops marched to?
a. Massachusetts
b. New York
c. Pennsylvania
d. North Carolina


11. Which state had the fewest delegates at its convention?
a. North Carolina
b. Georgia
c. Delaware
d. Rhode Island

12. Which state was the last to ratify the Constitution?
a. Virginia
b. Pennsylvania
c. Connecticut
d. Rhode Island

13. Which state voted to accept the Constitution by only three votes?
a. South Carolina
b. New Hampshire
c. Maryland
d. New York

9. According to the Ratifcation chart, which state ratified the Constitution in April of 1788?
a. Maryland
b. Massachusetts
c. Connecticut
d. Delaware

10. Which state had the most delegates at the convention?
a. South Carolina
b. Massachusetts
c. Connecticut
d. Delaware


14. According to the 1790 Census Records, what part of the country had the most slave states?
a. the North
b. the South
c. the East
d. the West

15. What state had the highest percentage of slaves living in it?
a. Georgia
b. Massachusetts
c. South Carolina
d. Virginia

16. What state had the fewest slaves living in it?
a. South Carolina
b. New Hampshire
c. Massachusetts
d. Connecticut

17. What state had the largest total population?
a. Virginia
b. South Carolina
c. Massachusetts
d. New York


Using the map, write the letter of the best answer.
a. Pennsylvania
b. North Carolina
c. Delaware
d. Kentucky
e. New York

18. Where did the entire state contain a Federalist majority?

19. Which state had mostly Antifederalist supporters?

20. Which state with both Federalist and Antifederalist supporters did not reach the Atlantic Coast?

21. Which state became a state in 1792?

22. Which state had a majority of no returns?


Answer the next three questions using complete sentences.

23. Based on the 1790 census chart, which three states had the largest slave populations?

24. Based on your knowledge of history and geography, and on the 1790 census chart, what part of the country had the majority of slaves living in it?

25. What do you think the white populations of Georgia, Virginia, and South Carolina were always worried about? Site evidence from the chart.