Daily Life in Medieval Europe
Pages 299-302
Answer the questions on your own paper using complete sentences.

1. What is a manor?
2. What was at the center of the manor?
3. Why do you think the manor would have been fortified?
4. Look at Geography and the Manor System. Which country has the second-greatest amount of farmable land?
5. What country had the greatest amount of farmable land?
6. What is the source of the document?
7. Who did most of the work on the manor?
8. What kind of activities took place on the manor?
9. Why did residents of the manor rarely have to leave?
10. What is a knight?
11. What is chivalry?
12. Who did knights protect?
13. What kind of weapons did knight use?
14. What did knights wear to protect themselves?
15. Why would it be difficult for a knight to move around?
16. What was it like in medieval towns?
17. Why did entire towns often burn down?
18. What are guilds?
19. What type of people joined a guild?
20. What was the purpose of a guild?