Leonardo Da Vinci’s Notebook

Historical Situation
Leonardo Da Vinci kept a notebook where he wrote down ideas throughout the day as he thought them up. It included sketches of everything you can imagine and little notes to himself including his shopping lists! He wrote the book in a form of coded mirror-writing so people couldn’t easily read his ideas. To make it even harder for them to steal his inventions Da Vinci would often put a mistake in his diagrams on purpose.

Your Task: Create a page of Da Vinci’s notebook for a modern invention.
To get a good idea about how Da Vinci's notebook looked, go to Leonardo da Vinci's Notebook.

1. Choose a modern invention (anything that didn’t exist during the Renaissance).

2. Sketch the item from 3 or more angles.
a. Does not have to be colored or perfect.
b.Must show key details.
c. Include one fake detail that would make the invention less useful or not work at all.

3.Describe it in writing
a. Write at least 5 sentences describing the parts of your “invention”. These should be spread all over the page.
b. Each sentence should describe a different function or part that makes the invention work.
c. Write the sentences backwards!

4. Write one paragraph explaining to your patron why this invention would be worth funding. Keep in mind; this is the Renaissance so you have to explain it to someone who has very little reference.

Adapted from Mr. Roughton