Early America History Detective

Your job for this assignment is to do some research on the following topics from early America. You will do the research using the Internet and write up your answers on paper. You will be given clues, and it is your job to identify the person or place from the clues given.

1. This was the first successful English colony in America.

2. He was the most important person at Jamestown and kept the colony from starving the first year.

3. It was the first legal government written in America by the Pilgrims. Hint, it was written aboard a ship.

4. This colony was settled by Pilgrims from England in 1627.

5. They came to America in 1609 seeking religious freedom.

6. He was the founder of the Pennsylvania colony.

7. He started growing tobacco in Jamestown in 1612.

8. She was an Indian woman, daughter to an Indian chief, and married an important man in Jamestown.

9. This was the first real American holiday. It was a harvest celebration.

10. This Indian man helped the Pilgrims survive in America by teaching them to grow corn.

11. This Indian tribe traded with the Pilgrims and helped them survive the first harsh winter.

12. This group came to America after being persecuted in England and wanted to purify the Church of England.

13. This person was tried for libel for writing newspaper articles in 1735. His case became the first freedom of the press trials in American history.

14. This rebellion took place in 1676.

15. This was the lost colony in America. It was led by Sir Walter Raleigh.

16. Famous witch trials happened in this city.

17. We are the girls who started the witch trials. One of our father's was a minister.

18. This minister gave fiery sermons that began the Great Awakening.

19. He was one of the main preachers of the Great Awakening speaking to huge crowds.

20. The name sometimes given to a period of heightened religious activity in the 1700’s.


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