Ancient Egypt

The Gift of the Nile
Why could Ancient Egypt not have existed without the Nile?

The Land of the Dead
What did Egyptians write on?
What did Egyptians believe what happened to a person after they died?
What did the Egyptians believe about their pharaoh?
Explain how a body was mummified?

The Pharaoh
What did Egyptians believe about the Pharaoh?
Who did royal family members often marry?
Why did they do this?

The Rosetta Stone
What is the Rosetta Stone and why is it important?

Ancient Egyptian Pyramids
Why were pyramids built?
Where were the largest pyramids?
What are casing blocks and why aren't they part of the pyramids today?

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Find the King's chamber.
What was written on the walls of the King’s Chamber?
Why is "Queen's Chamber" a misleading name?

Hieroglyphic Writing
What is the difference between Enlgish and hieroglypics?

When did Hatshepsut live?
Why was this pharaoh different than most pharaohs?