The Election of 1860

Look at the map below and answer the questions that follow using complete sentences on your own paper.

1. Which candidate won in the greatest number of popular votes?

2. Which candidate won the fewest popular votes?

3. How many states did Bell win?

4. Which candidate won most of the Southern states?

5. Which state had the most electoral votes and to whom did it give its votes?

6. Lincoln had a huge electoral vote lead, but not nearly as much in popular votes. What does this tell you about the states he won?

7. What candidate only won one state?

8. What is the fewest amount of electoral votes a state could have?

Look at the chart below and answer the questions. Continue to use complete sentences.

9. How much were total exports for the United States during the decade 1811 to 1820?

10. How much cotton did the United States export in the decade, 1811 to 1820?

11. How much cotton did the United States export in the decade, 1851 to 1860?

12. In which decade did cotton make up nearly half of total exports?

13. The cotton gin was invented in 1793. Based upon your analysis of the chart above, what were the long-term effects of this invention?


14. Based on the chart above, what happened to the price of slaves from 1771 to 1865?

15. By 1865, in which state was the price of slaves the hightest? How much did a slave cost in that state?