The Enlightenment
Pages 535-539
Answer the questions using complete sentences on your own paper.

1. What was the Enlightenment?
2.What was this time period also known as?
3.How did classical scholars gain knowledge?
4.Why do you think faith was more important to Christianity than reason?
5.What was John Locke’s revolutionary idea?
6.Who did John Locke believe the power of government came from?
7.What were Locke’s natural rights?
8.What were philosophes?
9.Who felt threatened by the philosophers? Why?
10.What did Voltaire speak out against in his books?
11.What did Voltaire call for?
12.What did Montesquieu fear?
13.How did Montesquieu think this could be prevented?
14.How did Montesquieu impact the United States?
15.What form of government did Rousseau argue for?
16.Why did Rousseau oppose monarchs and titles of nobility?
17.Sketch the Ideas of Enlightenment chart on your paper.
18.What was Rousseau’s idea about men and women?
19.What social issue did women focus on?
20.How did Mary Wollstonecraft think educated women could help families?