My Family History

In this essay, you will be spending some time researching information about your family, your family tree, and how your family came to America. Once this information is gathered, you will write about your family history.

Some important things to remember as you begin to work on your report:
• Before you prewrite, collect all of the important information about your family that you can. This will make prewriting much easier.
• In prewriting, be sure to include enough details to tell who, what where, when and why.
• In writing your rough draft, remember to write paragraphs that are well developed. These contain a topic sentence, several supporting sentences with detail, and a conclusion.

Planning you Essay:
Paragraph 1: Write a catchy lead that catches the readers' attention. Use an interesting or surprising fact (maybe the origins of your last name), or a vivid description to describe a family tradition or story.

Paragraph 2: Describe your family. Who were they? In what country did they live before immigrating to the United States? What was life like for them in this country?

Paragraph 3: Describe how, when and why your family came to this country. How did they travel here? When? Why (persecution, better opportunities, etc.) did they come to America?

Paragraphs 4: Tell a story or a tradition that has been told about your family. You may also describe some of the interesting artifacts your family still has which have been passed through the generations.

Paragraph 5: Conclusion: Conclude your story by describing your own feelings about your family history. What does your family mean to you?