The Development of Feudalism
Pages 291-297
Answer the questions on your own paper using complete sentences.

1. What were the Middle Ages?

2. What class all but disappeared during the Middle Ages? (page 293)

3. What could most people not do?

4. What did people forget about?

5. What did most people make their living doing during the Middle Ages?

6. What helped Christianity spread through Europe?

7. How did Charlemagne help Christianity grow in Europe?

8. What is a monastery?

9. How did monasteries preserve and promote Christianity?

10. What is feudalism?

11. What was a lord?

12. Who did lords give land to?

13. What were the plots of land called?

14. How did the vassal repay the lord for the land he received?

15. Copy the European Feudalism chart from page 296 in your notebook. You do not have to draw the pictures.

16. What was the largest class in feudal society?

17. What was a serf?

Feudalism in Europe Vocabulary
Define the following terms from pages 291-302
on your own paper.

1. Middle Ages

2. Charlemagne

3. monastery

4. feudalism

5. lord

6. serfs

7. manor

8. knights

9. chivalry

10. guild