What do I want to teach the class about?

Your final project of the year is to research, write, and present the history of anything you want. Really, anything, as long as it is school appropriate. You may work with one partner or two other people, but no larger. Choose something to research that you are passionate about or really love to talk about. (As it says above, you will all be presenting your findings). You will have three class days to work on the project, and then we will start presenting.

Here are the particulars:
* Visuals will need to accompany your presentation. You may present using a PowerPoint presentation or poster board. It is up to you.
* You may use audio or video during your presentation. Make sure that everything you need is at school and will work on the equipment in the class before the day you present.
* You must have your notes written on note cards.
* You will need to present for at least five minutes.
* You will not simply read a report. That is boring! You will present your findings by using your note cards and your visuals. Think of this as you giving the class a mini lesson on something you care about. You may also use audio or video during the presentation of your project.
*You will have two days to work on it in class. We will start presenting on June 20th.