First Semester Review

Below is a list of topics we studied the first semester. Your assignment explain the importance of each topic. This can be done with two or three bullet points. You may use the Internet to find the information, as well as your textbook and class assingments. (Which you were supposed to keep in a folder for the entire semester just for something like this).


George Washington

• Led the Continental Army during the American Revolution
• First president of the United States
• Warned Americans about having an overly powerful military in his Farewell Address

Here is the list of topics:

1. Mayflower Compact
2. Articles of Confederation
3. Declaration of Independence
4. George Washington
5. John Adams
6. The Great Compromise
7. Three-Fifths Compromise
8. The United States Constitution
9. Bill of Rights
10. Federalist Papers
11. First Amendment
12. Second Amendment
13. Fourth Amendment
14. Federalism
15. Separation of Powers
16. Checks and Balances
17. Alien and Sedition Acts
18. Thomas Jefferson
19. Louisiana Purchase
20. Lewis and Clark Expedition
21. Sacagawea
22. Alexander Hamilton
23. First two American Political Parties
24. Shays’ Rebellion
25. Whiskey Rebellion
26. Washington Irving
27. James Fenimore Cooper
28. War of 1812
29. Impressment
30. Andrew Jackson
31. Jacksonian Democracy
32. The "Spoils System"
33. Manifest Destiny
34. Indian Removal Act
35. Trail of Tears
36. Lone Star Republic
37. Alamo
38. Mexican American War
39. Mexican Cession
40. Judicial Review
41. Oregon Trail