Glory Discussion Questions
These are the questions you will be answering during the movie. The last three you will need to anwer at home.


  1. How old is Robert Shaw at the beginning of the movie?
  2. Who does Shaw write a letter to?
  3. Who had many of the white soldiers never seen before?
  4. What rank is Shaw made?
  5. What color does the North wear?
  6. What color does the South wear?
  7. Who discovers Shaw is still alive after the Battle of Antietam?
  8. What was Lincoln going to do for the slaves?
  9. What was the document called that did this?
  10. Why does Robert react to the noise at the party the way he does?
  11. What famous black man does Robert meet at the party?
  12. What does the governor ask Robert to do?
  13. Who is the first man to sign up with Robert?
  14. What don’t many of the black soldiers have?
  15. What does Thomas say he will teach the other soldier how to do?
  16. Why does the angry man (His name is Tripp) call Thomas Snowflake?
  17. What don’t a lot of the black soldiers know?
  18. What does the Sergeant teach the black soldiers to do?
  19. What would happen to the black soldiers if they were caught fighting for the North?
  20. What would happen to the white officers if the South caught them?
  21. What are the black soldiers given?
  22. What does Trip leave camp to get?
  23. What is the soldiers’ punishment for leaving camp?
  24. What does Mr. Rawlins tell Shaw the men need?
  25. Why do the men rip up their pay stubs?
  26. Why do the men cheer Colonel Shaw?
  27. What rank is Mr. Rawlins given?
  28. Why do Colonel Shaw’s men have to set fire to the town?
  29. What does Shaw tell the general he wants his men to be able to do?
  30. What does Thomas refuse to do?
  31. What is Tripp asked to carry?
  32. Why does he refuse?
  33. What is the name of the fort the North wants to capture?
  34. What does Robert volunteer his men to do?
  35. What do the men do before going into battle?
  36. U.S. history has many men and women who served their country at great risk to their lives and who died as a result. Why do you think people are willing to die for their country?
  37. In the assault on Fort Wagner, Colonel Shaw could have chosen to lead his regiment from the rear rather than the front. He probably would have survived? Why didn’t he do this?
  38. On a separate piece of paper, write an email or a letter to a friend about why they should or should not see the movie Glory and what the movie was about. Please include a description of at least one scene.