Growth of Industry
Pages 585-589
Answer the questions using complete sentences on your own paper.

1. What did most people light their homes with in the 1850’s?
2. What is petroleum?
3. What event launched the oil industry?
4. What are natural resources?
5. Why did industry grow because there were more people?
6. What types of transportation were used in the 1800’s?
7. Why do you think many people immigrated to the United States between 1860 and 1900?
8. What is a patent?
9. What is the business cycle?
10. What happens to people during a depression?
11. What two men developed new processes for making steel?
12. What was the new process called?
13. Why did the nation’s steel output increase 500 times between 1867 and 1900?
14. What is a generator?
15. What inventor found the most ways to use electricity?
16. What did Edison invent?
17. Who developed the telegraph?
18. Who invented the telephone?
19. What were the first words spoken on the telephone?
20. What was the Centennial Exhibition?
21. Why do you think the telephone was a really big deal for the country after it was invented?
22. What two jobs were women able to get in the 1800’s?
23. Who was the first man to patent a sewing machine?
24. Who made a sewing machine that became a best seller?
25. How did the sewing machine change the way people got their clothes?