The Inca
Questions Pages 409-415

Answer the questions on your own paper using complete sentences.

1. What mountain range did the Inca live in?
2. What country from today live where the Inca lived?
3. What was the capital of the Inca?
4. What was the language of the Inca?
5. What mountain range is Machu Picchu in? (Look at the picture on page 409)
6. Who was Pachcuti?
7. How many miles long was the Inca Empire in 1500?
8. What countries from today made up part of the Inca Empire?
9. How many people lived in Machu Picchu?
10. How many people live in Cuzco?
11. How did the Inca farmers get the most out of their land?
12. What were the most important crops?
13. What were chasquis? Why were they important?
14. What were the two main groups of the Inca?
15. What did the Inca people believe about the emperor?
16. How many soldiers were in the Inca army?
17. What type of weapons did they have?
18. What advantages did the Spanish have over the Inca?
19. Who was the Inca leader in 1527?
20. Who arrived in the Inca’s land in 1532?
21. What happened to the emperor?
22. What happened to the Inca Empire?
23. What was quipu?
24. What were the Inca gifted at building?
25. What advances did the Inca make in medicine?