Ancient India Cyberhunt


Download your Microsoft Word Document by clicking on this link.

Directions: If you are working in pairs, one of you will be writing the answers on paper while the other is typing. If you are working alone, you may just type.

Start by going to Ancient India.

Click on Himalayas.
What are the Himalayas?
What is the world's tallest mountain?
How tall is it?
Why does no plant life grow on the mountain?

Click on Caste System.
What was the Caste System?
What castes were people divided into?

Click on The Untouchables.
What are the untouchables?
What jobs could untouchables get?
What were untouchables forbidden to do?
How long has the Caste System been illegal in India?

Click on Hinduism at the top of the page.
What do all Hindus believe?
What are vegetarians?
Why are many Hindus vegetarians?
What animal is sacred to Hindus?
What river is sacred to Hindus?
What do Hindus believe about the river?

Your Guide to the Religion of Hinduism
How many Hindus are in the world today and where do most of them live?
Where does the word "Hindu" come from?

Hindu gods and goddesses - Write a short paragraph about each and paste their picture.