Islam After Muhammad’s Death
Questions pages 99-103
Answer the questions using complete sentences on your own paper.

Page 99
1. How many years did Muhammad spread the word of Allah across of the Arabian peninsula?
2. Why did panic sweep through the Muslim community after Muhammad died?

Page 100
3. Why was Abu Bakr chosen to replace Muhammad?
4. What is a caliph?
5. How did Abu Bakr unite the Muslim community?
6. What did the first four caliphs all have in common?
7. How did the caliphs expand the Muslim empire?

Page 101
8. What were the three reasons for Muslims’ success?
9. Why did many people in Muslim-ruled territory convert to Islam?
10. Who were the “people of the book"?
11. What were the people of the book not allowed to do?

Page 102
12. What did the murder of Uthman start?
13. What did the minority Muslims believe about the caliph?

Page 103
14. What two groups did Islam split into?
15. Copy the chart from page 103, Basic Differences Between Muslims.
16. What is the difference between what Sunni and Shi’a believe about who the Muslim ruler can be?