Islam and Muhammad
Questions pages 93-96
Answer the questions on your own paper using complete sentences.

1. About what year was Muhammad born?
2. Who did Muhammad believe spoke to him while he was praying?
3. What did Muhammad call God?
4. What are Muslims?
5. What does Islam mean in Arabic?
6. Why did Muhammad and his supporters flee Mecca?
7. What is the Hijrah?
8. How did Medina get its name?
9. What happened in the year 630?
10. How did Muhammad help Islam grow?
11. What is the main teaching of Islam?
12. What is the Qur’an?
13. What language is the Qur’an written in?
14. What is the Sunnah?
15. Copy the chart on page 95 onto your paper?
16. What food do Muslims not eat and drink?
17. What is the holy day of Islam?
18. Where do Muslims worship?
19. Who are the “people of the book?” What “book” do you think it is referring to?
20. What are the differences and similarities between Jews, Christians and Muslims?