Andrew Jackson Political Cartoons

The Rats Leaving a Falling House

In this cartoon, Jackson is sprawled in a collapsing chair next to a falling column saying "altar of reform" where a winged jackass stands on it's hind legs holding a broom. In the background are nine resignation documents. The heads of the fleeing rats represent cabinet members, from left to right: Secretary of War John H. Eaton, Secretary of the Navy John Branch, Secretary of State Martin Van Buren (whom Jackson is trying to restrain by stepping on his tail) and Secretary of the Treasury Samuel D. Ingham. Jackson had a great deal of corruption in his administration, and many of his appointments had to resign in disgrace.

The Spoils System

Jackson’s motto seemed to be "To the victor belong the spoils," and he certainly employed the "spoils system".One of his first acts was to fire dozens of federal employees, some who had been there since the days of George Washington. In their place he appointed people who had supported him.These appointments did not always work out so well. One member had to quit after having a well publicized affair.

The words, “fraud, bribery, and plunder” are seen underneath the pig. A skeleton is also seen under the pig, and the pig has dollar signs on it.

Jackson and the Bank of the United States

Andrew Jackson hated the idea of the Bank of the United States. He thought it wasn’t fair to the poor people. He wanted to destroy it. The many-headed monster is the states, who are fighting Jackson to keep the bank. Jackson raises a cane that says “veto.”

King Andrew the First

After his veto of the Bank of United States bill, President Andrew Jackson's opponents accused him of abusing his Presidential powers. This cartoon shows Jackson as a tyrannical king, trampling on the Constitution.