Jackson's Policy Towards Native Americans
Answer the questions using complete sentences on your own paper.

1. Who was Sequoya?

2. What did Sequoya hope would happen if his people learned to read and write?

3. What other ways had the Cherokee tried to assimilate to the white man's ways?

4. What did Andrew Jackson feel about Native Americans and where they should live?

5. What was discovered on Cherokee land that made it even more valuable to white settlers?

6. How did Jackson want to solve the problem of the Indian land?

7. What did the Indian Removal Act call for?

8. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Cherokee nation saying that the U.S. government could not force them from their land. How did Jackson respond?

9. How many Cherokee were forced from their homes?

10. Why did this incident become known as the Trail of Tears?

Pretend you are an American citizen living in the 1830’s. Write a letter to President Jackson telling him how you feel about the Indian Removal Act and Trail of Tears. You may be supportive of his acts or angry about what he is doing. Make sure to explain in your letter who you are.

You may also draw a picture that represents any of the events discussed in the chapter for extra credit.