Japan Cyberhunt

Directions: Answer the following questions on your own paper using complete sentences. Click on the blue links to find the answers.

Japan in the Electronic Passport
1. What is an archipelago?

2. What do the Japanese call their land? What does it mean?

3. Name the four main islands of Japan.

4. What does Shinto mean?

5. What does Shinto teach?

6. What is the most popular Buddhist sect?

7. What does zen mean?

8. How do Zen Buddhists meditate?

9. Who were the Shoguns?

10. How many years did the Shoguns rule Japan?

11. What did the Daimyo own that made them powerful?

12. What was the job of the samurai warrior class?

13. What were samurai?

14. What type of weapons did Samurai use?

15. What was the most important Samurai weapon?

16. What is the bushido?

17. What did the bushido stress?

18. Why would a samurai commit suicide?

Samurai Helmet
19. What ritual gave birth to the samurai helmet?

20. Why would a samurai burn incense in his helmet?

21. What were ninja?

22. When did the ninja exist?

Zen Buddhism
23. What is the key to Zen Buddhahood?

24. What does zen mean?

25. What is a koan?

Zen Koans
26. Read ONE of the Zen Koans, and explain what you think it means.

Japanese Gardens
27. What does the garden show respect for?

28. What religion does the garden represent?

Prince Shotoku
29. What is Prince Shotoku credited with?

30. What is Shotoku's most famous achievement?