Japan Chapter Walk
Answer the questions that follow using complete sentences on your own paper.

Map page 247
1. What bodies of water surround Japan?
2. What country is Japan’s closet neighbor?

Timeline pages 246-247
3. What year did Prince Shotoku begin his rule in Japan?
4. What event signaled a change in the nature of Japan’s government in 1192?
5. Who was born in Mecca in the same century that the Khmers established their kingdom?
6. When did Vietnam free itself from Chinese control?

Picture page 250
7. What is Shinto

Picture page 251
8. What mountain is Japan’s most recognized symbol?
9. What kind of mountain is it?

Chart page 252
10. What religion did Japan get from China?
11. What other areas of Japanese culture were influenced by China?

Picture page 253
12. What influence did Prince Shotoku have on Japan?

Picture page 257
13. What is the purpose of a Zen garden?

Primary source page 259
14. What does the book The Tale of the Genji provide?

Picture page 260
15. What are the four scholarly arts?

Picture page 266
16. What is a samarai?

Chart page 269
17. Draw and label the pyramid of Japanese society. Make sure your write the definitions.