Jefferson Takes Office
Questions Pages 313-317
Answer the questions on your own paper using complete sentences.

1. What two men ran for president in 1800? What political parties did they represent?
2. What did each party believe about the other?
3. Why did the Democratic-Republicans argue about the Federalists?
4. What were the Federalists afraid of?
5. Why was there a problem with the Electoral College vote?
6. How was the tie broken?
7. Who finally became president?
8. Why did Hamilton think Jefferson was a better choice for president?
9. Who did Aaron Burr felt he was insulted by?
10. How was this feud finally resolved? (Look at Strange but True).
11. What did Jefferson want the United States to remain?
12. What words are written on Jefferson’s tombstone? What does this tell you about Jefferson?
13. What was Jefferson’s belief about the power of the federal government?
14. How did Jefferson’s views on the debt differ from Hamilton’s?
15. What did the Judiciary Act of 1801 do?
16. What was one of the most important decisions of the Marshall Court?
17. What does unconstitutional mean?
18. What is judicial review?
19. What happens to a law if the Supreme Court decides that a law violates the Constitution?
20. What did the establishment of judicial review help create?