Latitude and Longitude

Latitude - The lines on a map or globe that measure the distance north or south of the earth's equator.

Longitude - The distance on the earth's surface, measured east or west from the prime meridian at Greenwich, England, to the meridian passing through a position, expressed in degrees (or hours), minutes, and seconds.

Your assignment is to find the degrees of latitude and longitude for the following places and plot them on the map.
1. Los Angeles, Calif.
2. Moscow, Russia
3. Sydney, Austrailia
4. Shanghi, China
5. Mumbai, (Bombay) India
6. Cape Town, South Africa
7. Tokyo, Japan
8. Mexico City, Mexico
9. Lima, Peru
10. Honolulu, Hawaii

World Cities Latitude and Longitude

U.S. Cities Latitude and Longitude

World Longitude and Latitudes Map

Using the world longitude and latitude map printout, answer the following questions and mark the locations.
1. Draw a line along the equator (0 degrees latitude) and label it.

2. Draw a line along the Prime Meridian (0 degrees longitude) and label it.

3. In which ocean is the location 10 degrees S latitude, 75 degrees E longitude located? Mark it on the map with an "X" and write the name of the ocean.

4. In which ocean is the location 30 degrees N latitude, 60 degrees W longitude located? Mark it on the map with a "Y" and write the name of the ocean.

5. Put an "X" on the following cities on the map and label the city with the name of the city.

B. Beijing: 40°N, 116°E
C. Cairo: 30°N, 31°E
H. Hong Kong: 22°N, 114°E
J. Jakarta: 6°S, 106°E
LO. London: 51°N, 0°W
MC. Mexico City: 19°N, 99°W
MO. Moscow: 55°N, 37°E
NA. Nairobi: 1°S, 37°E
NO. New Orleans: 30°N, 90°W
NY. New York: 40°N, 74°W
R, Rio de Janeiro: 23°S, 43°W
SE. Seattle: 47°N, 122°W
SY. Sydney: 34°S, 151°E
TK. Tokyo: 35°N, 139°E
T. Toronto: 43°N, 79°W