Lincoln’s Election and Southern Secession

1. Page 471-472: Political Parties Splinter
Strategy: Question / Answer
Create 3 what questions and answers from this section.

2. Page 472-473: The Election of 1860
Write a text message summarizing the section

3. Map Page 473: Question / Answer
Write three questions and answers about the map.

4. Page 473-474: Southern States Secede
Write five questions and answers about this section:
One who question, one what question, one when question, one where question, and one why question.

5. Page 474-475: The Union Responds to Secession
Write two fact and two opinions about this section.

6. Page 475: Efforts to Compromise Fail
Summarize this section in 12 words or less.

3 Things You Found Out
2 Interesting Things
1 Question You Still Have