The Louisiana Purchase and Exploration
Pages 318-323
Complete the activities below on your own paper.

Explain what the following terms mean and their importance:
1. Louisiana Purchase
2. Meriwether Lewis
3. William Clark
4. Lewis and Clark Expedition
5. York
6. Sacagawea
7. Zebulon Pike

Answer the rest of the questions using complete sentences.

Page 318
8. What two geographic features was the Louisiana Territory between?

Page 319
9. Who was the leader of France in 1803?
10. Why do you think Jefferson chose to purchase Louisiana?
11. Why did Napoleon sell the Louisiana Territory to the United States?

Page 320
12. What two rivers met at the starting point of the Lewis and Clark expedition?
13. How were Lewis and Clark’s return routes different from each other?
14. What were the different skills of Lewis and Clark that qualified them as co-leaders of the expedition?

Page 321
15. What did Lewis and Clark keep that allows us to know all about their expedition?
16. Why was Sacagawea valuable to Lewis and Clark?
17. Why was the Lewis and Clark expedition valuable?

Page 322
18. How did the Lewis and Clark Expedition help future travelers?
19. Why was there more interest in the fur trade?
20. How did Pike describe the Great Plains?