Mapmaker, Mapmaker, Make me a Map

Follow the direction below very carefully. You will be making your map on the handout you were given when you walked in.

* Label north, south, east, and west on the map. This will help you with the rest of the activity.

* Label the east-west street Main Street.

* Label the easternmost north-south street Eastern Ave.

* Label the westernmost north-south road Axle Ave.

* Label the central north-south road Edens Ave.

* Label the road that runs from southwest to northeast Eisenhower Parkway.

* Place a church on the southwest corner of Main and Axle.

* Give a name to the bike path that followes Eastern Ave.

* Draw a forest along the eastern edge of Axle, north of Eisenhower Parkway.

* Draw a school on the southwest corner of Eastern and Main.

* Place a shopping plaza north of Main and just east of Edens.

* Draw a neighborhood of homes south of Main between Edens and Axle.

* Draw a park east of Edens and north of Eisenhower Parkway.

* Draw a fire station on the northwest corner of Main and Edens.

* Draw a stadium across from the school on Eastern.

* Draw a swimming pool east of Eastern and south of Eisenhower Parkway.

* Now, make your map beautiful with color.

* Make a key on the back of the map explaining what the symbols your have drawn mean.

Download a copy of the handout by clicking here.