Directions: Use the map and legend on this page to answer the following questions in your notebook using complete sentences.

1. Do you take the Interstate or the State Highway to travel from Bumblebee to Peace Valley?
2. Is Turtle Creek north or south of Peace Valley?
3. What is the name of the Interstate Highway that connects Bumblebee and Newton?
4. What city has the largest population on the map?

5. What is the population of Newton?
6. In which direction would you travel to get to the old schoolhouse from Newton?
7. In which direction would you travel from Bumblebee to the old schoolhouse?
8. Give directions for the quickest route from Bumblebee to the Pinetop National Forest.
9. From what local road do you have access to Interstate Highway 12 and Interstate Highway 5?
10. Is Family Fun Campground in the forest or in the mountains?
11. In what direction would you have to travel to get from the school to the airport?
12. What three cities on the map have the smallest populations?
13. What street is the schoolhouse on?

14. What city is the airport in?
15. Why do you think they built the airport where they did?