The Mayan Civilization
Questions pages 381-386
Answer the questions on your own paper using complete sentences.

1. How far back can we trace the Mayan culture?
2. Where did the Maya live?
3. What countries exist on that land today?
4. Why were the Maya able to build great cities?
5. Why were some people able to focus on tasks other than farming?
6. What were the four classes of the Maya?
7. What did the ruling class consist of?
8. What class made up the vast majority of the population?
9. Who were slaves?
10. What did Mayan farmers grow?
11. What type of farming was used in the rain forests?
12. What type of farming was used in the highlands?
13. How did the Maya deal with farming in the drier areas?
14. How were the lives of the nobles different than the peasants?
15. How many gods did the Maya worship?
16. What was the name of the main Maya god?
17. How did the Maya try to get help from the gods?
18. How many cities did the Maya build?
19. What did the cities contain?
20. Who ruled each Mayan city?
21. What type of writing system did the Maya develop?
22. What number was the Maya mathematical system based on?
23. What science did the Mayan make great advances in?
24. How did the Maya use their calendar?
25. Why might the Mayan civilization declined?