Mayan Culture

Click on the blue links to answer the questions that follow.

Mayan Kids - People
1. Where did the Mayan establish their cities?

2. What are the Mayan famous for their knowledge of?

3. What did the Mayan chew?

4. What did the Mayan build like was built by the Egyptians?

5. Where did the Mayan originate [where were they from]?

6. What did the Mayan develop?

7. What material did the Mayan not use that made all their buildings all the more remarkable?

8. When did the Mayan civilization decline?

The Sport of Life and Death: The Mesoamerican Ballgame
Enter the site. Click on the second picture to explore the game.
9. How many years ago was the game played?

Click on The Ball.
10. What was the ball made out of?

Click on each of the balls and answer the questions?
11. How big was the ball?
12. How much did the balls weigh?
13. What did some balls have at their core?
14. What else was rubber used for?
15. What did the Europeans make balls out of?
16. Who invented to rubber to make tires?
17. How many years before had the Mesoamericans done the same thing?

Click on Court at the top of the page.
18. What was the court made out of?
19. What shape was the court in?

Click on Game at the top of the page.
20. What happened to the losers?

Click on Watch Game.
21. What part of the body could touch the ball?
22. What did the players wear?
23. What does the Mayan game remind you of?